To heal the world, we have to heal ourselves. 

Self-Love is for everyone.

It’s not an exclusive perk for the elite — it is the right of all people regardless of gender, race, sexuality, age, size or socio-economic status. At a time when our country is divided in so many ways, we want to unify. Our differences are what unite us.

Join us on this journey.

The irony of self-love and self-worth is that they are not grown in isolation. Growth comes from connection and community. We all have a story. We all have a voice. We are stronger when we all stand together. Self-love is a journey to celebrate as you embrace your most authentic self. That’s why we offer multiple ways to connect. Join us by signing up for a lunar flow membership, an online course, an in-person event, or one of our beautiful retreats.


 Join us to tap into the wisdom of the sky each month. In this new monthly membership, we'll combine the power of the lunar phases, astrology, as well as self-care and embodiment practices to increase the power, and flow, of your life.

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Be it in the mountains or at the ocean, we know that one of the best ways to reconnect with yourself is through a change in atmosphere. Take a look at our upcoming retreats, including 2022 in Peru's sacred valley.

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There's power in community! And while we're big believers in creating community online, there's a layer of magic that coms through gathering in person. We're hoping to gather again in fall of 2021.

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